One of my favorite go to restaurants! I get the combination (golden phoenix) lo mein and the beef and chicken are so so tender. The portion is enough for me to get two meals out of so it’s well worth the price point. All of the veggies taste really fresh as well. I also LOVE their spicy soy sauce it adds a nice spice, I’m seriously obsessed with it. I just recently tried the pot stickers and they were very good. They were perfectly crispy on the bottom and soft on top, very juicy as well.

-Lauren B.


Amazing food and good prices. I hope they keep providing this outstanding value for customers. My favorite Chinese pick up for the past year.



This is the most amazing & filling Chinese food I’ve ever had. I was wary to try curry because I can’t always handle spicy foods, but they made it to my spice preference & were really fast. The homemade sweet & sour sauce that came with the crab rangoon was perfectly balanced flavors. The side of beef that I got was the richest beef I’ve ever eaten. I could not speak higher of this restaurant; the food, the service, all of it was amazing. If you have the opportunity to try it, you NEED to give them a visit!

-Chloe R.


Wonderful food! I haven't been to this restaurant in years. Tried it again yesterday. The crab rangoon was the best I've ever had. I'm very picky about fried rice and it was excellent. Highly recommend this restaurant for great Chinese cuisine.

-Julia B.

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Golden Phoenix Chinese Restaurant
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